Governance 2021 - The Next Chapter. 5-7 July

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Our annual conference Governance 2022 took place on 5-6 July 2022 at ExCel London.

The troubles of the last two and half years have thrown into ever-sharper relief the vital role played by governance professionals. Whether they’re ensuring regulatory compliance, addressing social and stakeholder concerns, or enabling business continuity at the coalface, governance professionals everywhere are making an impact.

This year’s annual conference took a look at the many ways in which that impact is being felt. Built around three key themes – knowledge, values and practice – and exploring the latest developments in such areas as ESG, diversity and inclusion, company law and audit, to name just a few, we considered how the governance community can truly have an impact. We also reflected upon the behaviours and competencies framed in the Competency Framework for Governance Professionals, the latest version of which launched at the event.

Our speakers this year were drawn from leading organisations across all sectors and from around the world, and they brang with them a diverse range of perspectives. And as we returne to ExCel London for the first time since 2019, we were delighted to offer much-missed opportunities to network, learn from peers and chat with our conference sponsors.