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Diligent is a leading GRC SaaS company that gives organizations the tools and solutions they need to bring clarity to complex risk, elevate impactful insights and get ahead of a world that is constantly changing.

With solutions across governance, risk, compliance, audit and ESG, Diligent empowers more than 1 million users and 700,000 board members and leaders to make better decisions, faster. No matter the challenge.

How we help organizations:

  • Boards and Governance — Connected solutions for better governance in a complex business landscape
  • Risk and Strategy — A single source of truth that helps leaders make risk-informed decisions
  • Ethics and Compliance — Enable a purpose driven culture of compliance that protects and drives businesses forward
  • Audit and Analytics — Deliver strategic advantages through better insights and visibility
  • ESG and Diversity — Turn ESG initiatives into measurable outcomes

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Website: diligent.com

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Twitter: @diligenthq

Facebook: Diligent Corporation

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