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Enhancing Trustworthiness



Why is trust important?

Trust is an essential social glue, crucial to the everyday functioning of society and the flourishing of businesses.  Trust is undermined when businesses or other institutions prioritise self-preservation or short term profits over serving the people they are meant to serve. The post office, and the infected Blood scandal are just the latest in a long litany of institutional failures embracing business, government and civil society. How can companies best ensure that they remain trustworthy, and how can a commitment to being purpose-led help? What is the role of corporate governance in achieving this? By fostering a culture of trustworthiness and purpose, it is considered that improvements would be made in terms of stakeholder engagement (internal and external), customer loyalty, and overall organisational reputation.

We will be running 3 workshops to explore trustworthiness more fully.

Workshop 1 - Trustworthiness & purpose

  • What does trustworthiness mean in a corporate/organisational context (non-political)?
  • What attributes do we look for in assessing trustworthiness (a) within our teams (b) amongst senior management (c) amongst the Board? Is trustworthiness confused with other attributes such as competency or credibility?
  • Can purpose be measured alongside trustworthiness?

Workshop 2 – Trustworthiness & transparency

  • Is transparency considered a good or bad thing – when is too much transparency a bad thing and how can that affect the culture and performance of an organisation? What can be done to enhance trustworthiness?

Workshop 3 – Trustworthiness & accountability

  • Holding organisations and boards to account – how we and external stakeholders (shareholders and other stakeholders) perceive performance and trustworthiness through the lens of accountability.

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