Get involved with your Institute!

We encourage our members to contribute to the work of the Institute and make a difference to themselves and their peers.

Your membership consists of four pillars of support:

1. Career

Share your expertise to enhance your professional standing and career

Participate in a guidance note working group. To learn more and join, email us at

Contribute to policy consultations. Keep an eye on our technical briefing emails or our webpage to find new consultations.

Write for G+C. We welcome your articles and blogs. It’s easier than you think and we can help with editing, so give it a go to raise your own profile.

2. Profession

Shape our work and the profession

Join the Virtual member content panel  where we will be asking you to tell us what you want to hear about or learn about so that we can better tailor our content and events to your interests and issues.

Take part in our surveys. We regularly send out surveys to our members, and your opinion matters to us. Your responses help us shape meaningful reports to inform the whole membership on various topics.

Help to rebuild trust in business and institutions by attending our workshops and sharing your insights.

3. Community

Be part of your community       

Become involved with the work of your local branch. This a great way to network with other members and governance professionals close to you.

Volunteer for the Charitable Trust and help other members who might be going through difficult times.

4. Impact

Use these opportunities to make an impact in governance. As the fourth pillar of membership, we believe that taking part in these activities and getting involved in membership will contribute to the overall impact on governance we want to make.

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