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Charity governance

Discover a wide range of training and resources designed specifically for those working in governance roles within charities

Supporting governance in charities

We help charity professionals to achieve the highest standards of governance. We provide a wealth of resources to keep you up to date with the latest in charity law and regulation, as well as supporting your professional development. Get the latest thinking, advice and guidance to develop your charity governance.

We assist in many ways to develop good practice that goes beyond compliance and contributes to the achievement of your goals. By providing you with key industry expertise, we enable you to effectively support and mentor the individuals and teams who run your organisation.

This hub will particularly assist charity secretaries, clerks to trustee boards and others, such as senior charity managers, who have responsibilities in relation to key regulatory and accountability compliance matters, legal record-keeping and the practical procedures associated with the legal administration of their charities. It will also benefit charity trustees and officers, as well as professional advisers including solicitors, chartered secretaries, accountants, auditors and independent examiners.

Charity law and regulation are intended to ensure public accountability and the safeguarding of charitable funds and assets. The underlying point and purpose of the correct legal administration of a charity is, though, far more than mere legal and regulatory compliance. Rather, it is about building a firm foundation for good governance, enabling the charity to be effective in achieving its charitable purposes, delivering lasting positive social impact and making a real difference for good.

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