Charity Governance

Charity governance

Discover a wide range of training and resources designed specifically for those working in governance roles within charities

Charity books

Charity Checklists, 2nd edition

Using a clear step-by-step approach and taking you through a range of common processes, this book will transform the way your charity operates in its everyday tasks. 

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Charity Handbook, 4th edition

An indispensable companion for charity secretaries and anyone involved with running a charity; key features include a detailed review of the legal and regulatory requirements, best practice guidance, timetables, and sample documents. 

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Charity Law and Governance: A Practical Guide

This text explores the meaning of governance in the charity sector and the link between law, good governance and the role of trustees in the stewardship of charitable funds and assets. 

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How to Run a Charity, 2nd edition

Packed with practical advice, How to Run a Charity offers the reader all the essential facts needed to set up and run a successful charity.

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