Health Service governance

Health Service governance

Discover a wide range of training and resources designed specifically for those working in governance roles within the health service sector

Supporting governance in health service

We help health service professionals to achieve the highest standards of governance. We provide a wealth of resources to keep you up to date with the latest in health service law and regulation, as well as supporting your professional development. Get the latest thinking, advice and guidance to develop your health service governance.

We support the professionalism and recognition of the role of governance in the healthcare sector and provide practical guidance, knowledge and training to those working in a management or administrative role in the NHS – usually in CCGs, NHS Trusts or Foundation Trusts – with responsibility for health service governance/administration to establish the highest standards of governance.

We assist in many ways to develop good practice that goes beyond compliance and contributes to the achievement of your goals. By providing you with key industry expertise, we enable you to effectively support and mentor the individuals and teams who run your organisation.

This hub will particularly assist governance practitioners within the NHS to support in the delivery of best practice. These are interesting times within health service governance with work arounds being frequently considered in order to counter the inflexibility of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 when the drive from the government and NHS England is to innovate and collaborate in a way which the Act never envisaged.

Despite this, the basic tenets of best practice in governance remain the same – namely, ensuring that the appropriate checks and balances continue to be rigorous and adaptive, so those who have been entrusted with high levels of decisionmaking powers do so in the best interests of patients and the general public.

The wider corporate debates that result from scandals created by poor governance both at home and abroad along with the uncertainty created by the decision to exit the European Union have led to a greater focus on the board’s role in leading on culture, values and behaviour. This only seeks to reinforce the fact that governance is never just about processes but is also about people.

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