Charity Governance

Specimen charity board evaluation questions

Good governance is essential to a successful organisation. A trustee board that is aware of its powers, duties and responsibilities and the impact it can have on the sustainability of an organisation is better placed to lead the charity to achieving its stated objects and making the intended positive impact on society.

A dedicated board will not only be keen to see staff and services improve in their efforts to fulfil their charitable objects, it will also be willing to undertake regular reviews of its own performance to establish what the board members do well and what could be improved. One way of establishing a benchmark for improving board performance is to undertake a board evaluation. The Charity Governance Code recommends that an internal evaluation take place annually, with an externally facilitated review taking place every three years for larger charities. 

The specimen questions included in this guidance note represent a range of the questions that can be commonly found in board evaluation questionnaires.

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