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This Level 4 course provides an introduction to the legal and regulatory framework around charities in England and Wales. It gives an understanding of the legal basis of the charity, the role of regulators and how to fulfil your charitable purpose whilst adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. 

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Exam material

In the table below you will find:

  • Exam paper - this is the paper that was set at the exam session
  • Mark scheme - this is the document markers used to assess students' answers
  • Examiner's report - this is the examiner's comment on the examination performance
  • Student answers - for some sessions we can show examples of answers students wrote in the examination
  • Pass Rates These pass rates refer to exams from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Associated Territories (all territories administered by the Chartered Governance Institute’s office in London).
Charity Law and Governance exam material
Exam sessionExam paperMark schemeExaminer's
Student answers
June 2023 View View View
June 2022 View View View
June 2021 View View View

November 2020 View View View

Exam paper 1
Exam paper 2

November 2019 View View View

Section C (fail)
Section C (merit)
Section C (distinction)

June 2019 View View View

Section C (Merit)
Section C (Distinction)

November 2018 View View View Section C
Section C
June 2018 View View View

Section C
Section C

November 2017 View View View Section C
Section C
June 2017 View View View
November 2016 View View Section B
Section C 
June 2016 View View
Sample Sample paper Sample mark scheme  n/a
Pass Rates View

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