Foundation programme e-learning Q&A

Foundation programme e-learning Q&A

How do I access the e-learning for the Foundation Programme?

Visit Once you are registered, you can visit to see the course at any time.

You can also download the Unicorn Learning Path app from your app store on iOS or Android devices.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link under the login area of the e-learning website or use this link to reset your password: Please note, this is not something we can do for you as it is a secure site.

How does the e-learning fit in with my study text?

The e-learning is designed to be worked through before each corresponding chapter of your study text and can also be used as a revision aid. The e-learning covers the same content as the study text but sometimes focuses more on key points, you will still need to read the study text in its entirety to be fully prepared for the exam.

Is the e-learning free?

The e-learning material forms part of the Foundation Programme study package so will not cost any extra for existing students.

Do I need an internet connection to use the e-learning?

Yes, the e-learning content is hosted on an LMS, which requires an internet connection to run. For the full technical requirements, please see:

How do I navigate the e-learning content?

Once you have opened a chapter from My Activities, click on the right arrow to move pages. On some pages, the text may instruct you to click on boxes to reveal more content. Click on anything the page instructs you to once everything on the page has loaded.

If you want to skip back to an earlier page, click the three horizontal lines icon in the top left of the page to bring up the Menu.

When you are finished with a chapter, click the X icon in the top right of the screen to close it, you can revisit it at any time. .

I completed all the sections in my e-learning and now my course has disappeared, can I revisit it?

Yes. When you complete every chapter of your e-learning, the course is moved into the ‘Completed’ section of the My Activities page. All you need to do is go to the My Activities page and click ‘Completed’ from the Views menu on the right of the page.

Why can’t I click the boxes on the page I’m viewing?

The page needs to fully load before the boxes can be clicked. If you are clicking a second box, for example, if you got a question wrong and want to try again, there can occasionally be a delay so please try again after a few seconds.

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