Enter for exams

Your first attempt at each examination is included in the registration fee for this programme. Please read this information before you enter for an exam here:

  1. If you are attempting an exam for the first time, you have already paid for this and you may also have selected an exam session when you registered. Check ‘Exam entries’ to see if you are already entered.
  2. You have registered and paid for your first exam, but you may not have selected an exam session when you registered.  Check ‘Exam entries’ and if you do not have an entry, use the Exam entry form. No payment is required if it is your first attempt.
  3. If you have attempted the exam already and need to sit again, you will need to enter and pay for your next entry using the Re-sit form.
  4. To top-up your qualification complete the Qualification top-up and exam entry form.

When you enter for an exam we need you to confirm that you have read and understood the Student rules and regulations. As set out in these rules, we cannot enter you until we receive payment of your exam fee.

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