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You can find Frequently-asked questions for the exam session below. If you have a question which is not answered here, please write to us at and we will consider adding it.

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These how-to videos will help you to use some important functions in the exam platform:

Revised Instructions for online examinations will be added here shortly.


Why have examinations moved from physical centres to online?

The Covid-19 pandemic led us to fast-track existing plans to move exams to digital format. We do not anticipate that we will set hand-written examinations in physical centres again.

Will happens if I need you to make adjustments to my exam conditions for an approved reason?

The process by which you submit a request for adjustments on the basis of medical or long-term conditions is set out in the ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ section of MyCG. If you read the guidance there and think we should consider making adjustments for you in your exam, please contact the Examinations team at

How do the online examinations work?

You can sit the examination anywhere which offers the right conditions.  This should be a room with a computer and secure and reliable WiFi connection. You will need to be in a quiet room seated alone. You are not permitted to have anyone else in the room with you.

Your exam has a set start and end time and you need to log into a portal to complete the exam under these set conditions. Your whole examination is observed remotely by an invigilator, using cameras and the technology included in the online examination platform (ROGO), which is being provided by Eintech.

The invigilator will be able to see what is happening on your computer screen and will also be observing you via webcam (face-on view) and a second camera using your phone or tablet (side-view). There is a chat function with the invigilator so they can step in if they notice anything going wrong, and so you can alert them to any problems.

What equipment will I need to have?

You will need:

  • A computer which you can type on
  • An internet connection with a minimum speed of at least 6mbps
  • A webcam and a microphone – these may need to be connected externally

NB - You can connect a keyboard and/or mouse to a laptop so that you can type more comfortably.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to connect a separate monitor to a laptop. This is because the invigilator is not able to check both screens. If you are using a laptop you will need to use the built-in screen only.

To aid exam security, we also require you to have another camera in the room in the form of a phone/tablet positioned in an upright position to the side of your desk, this will need to be kept charged for the duration of the exam.

The second device needs the following features:

  • Camera
  • QR code reader and Google Chrome set as default browser (this may already be a feature of your camera app)
  • Ability to connect to Wi Fi
  • One of the required operating systems:
    • Android 8 or later
    • iOS 11 or later

Please note that you will not be able to take the exam if you do not have access to the relevant equipment.

How can you stop people cheating?

We are using an online platform specially designed for computer-based assessment, combined with live remote invigilation services. This means that your computer and webcam are accessed by the system and a live invigilator is checking on you to ensure that this remains a closed book exam with no collusion or cheating. You are also required to verify your identity by showing photo ID in the exam set-up time.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • National ID card

What happens if there are technical issues?

The examination portal saves your work throughout the exam and if you lose connection you will need to re-join using the same link and you will return to the same examination script. Please be aware that you will be prompted to re-do your set up.

Please note that you should use the navigation buttons on ROGO to move between questions to avoid losing any answers already typed.

We advise you to clear any cookies in your Google Chrome browser just before following the link to your exam. To clear cookies, in Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data > tick ‘Cookies and other site data’ > Clear data.

If you experience persistent problems or longer time delays we are able to allow extra time at the end of the examination providing that you have informed the invigilator of the issues at the time via the chat function.

Do not open other tabs or browsers.

Are the examinations recorded? What happens to that data?

Yes, the visual and audio recordings from both cameras are recorded and retained by our partner Eintech for a six-month period, after which they are deleted. This is so that they can be reviewed if there are enquiries about results, appeals or other legitimate reasons to go back to review the session. The access would only be granted to senior members of the Education and Learning team, who may need to show it to Examination Board members for a decision.

When will the examinations start?

You can see the full examination timetable in the MyCG area of the website which tells you which day your exam is on.

We will let you know the exact start time nearer the exam date, because we have students starting their exams in staggered intervals, depending on their location and time zone.

Please be ready to begin your set up 10 - 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Your actual exam will start only when you have completed the set-up and an invigilator has been assigned

How will the reading time work?

If your examination has a 15 minute reading time this will be already added to your exam.  This will begin at the start time and you will be able to read through questions, make notes (on paper or on the notes function) and plan answers. You should not start writing your answers until the 15 minute reading time is over. We will ask you to monitor your own 15 minute reading time as invigilators will not inform you when this is over.

Will I be able to make notes on a piece of paper?

You will be allowed to use paper and make notes. You will not be able to submit these notes to us, they will be for your own reference during the examination only. You must write your answers to the questions using the exam platform.

Please start the exam with a maximum of six sheets of A4 paper on your desk.  Your note-paper must be completely free of any writing, diagrams or other content when you show it to the invigilator before the exam starts.

Please note you are not allowed to use any part of the study texts in the examination.

Will I be able to take a toilet break?

If you need a break during the examination for any reason, you can let the invigilator know through the chat facility and should be aware of the following rules:

  • You should use the messaging facility to let the invigilator know you would like to leave, you do not need to wait for a response. 
  • Your examination time will not be paused while you take a break.
  • You are expected to return as soon as you can, ideally this will be no longer than a few minutes.

If you know in advance that there is, for example, a medical reason for you to require a break during the examination,  please let us know before the exam date. 

Can I eat and drink during the examination?

We suggest that you limit food to snacks only and keep drink in a bottles or sealed cup to avoid accidents. 

This device will be used only as a camera to show a view of you and your work-space from the side.

How will I be able to answer calculation questions in the finance examinations? 

We have made the answer boxes as large as possible to accommodate answers incorporating financial information. The platform allows you to create tables, to underline and to insert special characters. 

Please note any formulae and tables that you need for the ‘Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information’ or other finance exams will now be included within the question so you will not need to print them off. 

Will I be allowed to use a calculator?

Yes, you will be allowed to use your own calculator but will not be able to use another device, such as a smart-watch or mobile phone as a calculator. You will also be asked to show the invigilator your calculator before you start the exam. 

Is spell-check functional during the examination?

Yes, but you will need to decide whether to enable this.

You access the examination platform via Google Chrome and the spell-check is a function of the browser. It does not have all the functions it has in a program like Microsoft Word. If you have spell-check turned on within the browser it may show you words which it has detected as mis-spelt, but it will not allow for auto-correction.

Our markers know that you are completing the examination without spell-check and will focus on the content of your answer, rather than the accuracy of grammar or spelling.

If you have any special requirements with regard to spell-check or other aspects of viewing and using the examination platform, let us before the exam date. 

Will you still pre-release case studies six weeks ahead of examinations?

Yes, we will continue to do this for the examinations at Part Two of the Qualifying Programme, as we did for the physical examinations.

Will I be able to have a printed copy of the case study in the examination?

Yes, you will be allowed a clean printed copy and invigilators are aware of this. As part of the invigilator checks, you could be asked to hold it up to the camera to show that it is not annotated, highlighted or marked up in any other way.

Will I have a system test?

Yes, you will be sent one Rogo system test link, which can only be accessed once, and we suggest that you use this link on the device you will be using for your live examination.

At the end of set-up, you will be invited to ‘Start’ the exam and it will take you through to a welcome page, but then the test will end. If you reach this stage, then the access test has been successful. Please note that you do not have access to a test paper.

After you have completed the test, please clear your cookies before the actual exam. To clear cookies, in Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data > tick ‘Cookies and other site data’ > Clear data.

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