Student Update - April 2022

The June exam sessions are now weeks away, and so we wanted to provide you with a number of details that will help you prepare.

Important Dates

June 2022 Timetable: All Qualifications

7-10 June 2022





Foundation Programme (CGQP)

Company Law  (CGQP)

Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information  (CGQP)

Company Compliance and Administration  (CGQP)

Business Management in Practice (IFA5)

Fund Administration (IFA5)

Trust and Company Administration (IFA5)

Financial Reporting and Governance (IFA5)

14-17 June 2022





Corporate Governance


Health Service Governance  (CGQP/SSA)

Risk Management  (CGQP)

Development of Strategy  (CGQP)

Boardroom Dynamics  (CGQP)

Academy Governance (SSA)

Charity Law and Governance (SSA)

Certificate in Corporate Governance (SSA)

Investment (IFA4)

Core Modules (IFA4)

Accounting (IFA4)


  • CGQP – Qualifying Programme
  • SSA – Self-Standing Awards
  • IFA4/IFA5 – International Finance and Administrations

To check the exam time for your time zone, please see the online exam guidance on your MyCG.

Note: If you are unable to take your exam in the upcoming June 2022 session , we can accept postponements based on the following criteria only, but please note that we require supporting evidence:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Bereavement

There is a postponement fee per module which will be actioned after the exam session.

If you are unable to take your exam at this session, and it is not due to the above reasons, you have the option to withdraw from your exam.  However, your fee will not be returned, and a re-sit fee will be applicable for your next attempt.  Please note that a withdrawal will not count as an attempt on your exam.

Please contact the examinations team on for more information.

Study support materials

Please be aware that you should download any support materials that you may find useful well in advance of your examination. Materials include past papers and examiner reports and a variety of webinars (which are hosted on Youtube).

In addition, there will be an additional examination review webinar specifically for Corporate Governance students on 12th May and you will be contacted in advance of this.

Admission slips

These are now available through MyCG – please make sure you log in to check your admission slip. This shows the exams you have been entered for. Please check the timetable on MyCG and refer to the time zone charts for local sitting times.

Links for online exams

The link to access your live exam will be emailed to you by the week beginning Monday 30th May.

Please do not attempt to use the live link until 10-15 minutes before your actual exam start time.

There will be an opportunity to test your set up for the online exams. This system test will allow you to go through the set up for the exam, including sharing your screen, scanning a QR code and testing your microphone. This test will not include a practice exam paper because it is designed to help you check your set up for the exam only. Videos and guidance on the online exam set up is available on MyCG, as well as past exam papers.

You will receive an email from the address: with a link to this test- please add this email address to your contacts.

Study Support

Qualifying Programme: Part 2 Module Case Studies

The pre- released case studies will be released at the beginning of May and will be available on your MyCG.

Qualifying Programme: Part 1 Corporate Governance and Health Service Governance

Students taking Corporate Governance (Level 6) will have access to the FRC website and those taking Health Service Governance will have access to the FRC website during their exams.

More details will be provided before the examination session.

Qualifying Programme: Part 1 Company Law

Once again, those taking the Company Law module in June 2022 will have access during the exam to the following website:

Please note that the access to these links is for reference only, and it is recommended that you do not spend a lot of time during the exam on this site.

It will not disadvantage you if you do not use this or cannot access the site. We still recommend that you continue to study and learn the relevant legislation, as included in the module syllabus.

Providing access to this site is to help as a reference during the exam. We recommend that you try accessing this link before the exam, using the same computer and browser which you will be working from.

Please check your MyCG before the examination session for any other relevant updates.

Study texts

The study texts for the June 2022 exams are available to purchase and download from the online store.

Qualifying Programme

Foundation Programme

Company Compliance and Administration

Company Law

Corporate Governance

Health Service Governance

Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information

Boardroom Dynamics

Development of Strategy

Risk Management


Core Modules (IFA4)

Accounting (IFA4)

Investment (IFA4)

Business Management in Practice (IFA5)

Financial Reporting and Governance (IFA5)

Fund Administration (IFA5)

Trust and Company Administration (IFA5)

Self-Standing Awards

Certificate in Academy Governance

Certificate in Corporate Governance (Level 4)

Certificate in Charity Law and Governance

You can find additional study support materials, including past papers and Examiner Reports on your MyCG.


We will be using ROGO as our online examination provider for the June 2022 exams. You will be sent a link to test your equipment ahead of the exams in June. Please note that the links can only be used once, please ensure you access the set up using the device you are planning on using for your exam. There is guidance available on your MyCG, on the ROGO platform as well as troubleshooting advice.

Exam FAQs

Please check the instructions for candidates on your MyCG for up-to-date information about the online exams.

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