Fast Track Law

Lawyers with up to five years’ professional experience start at Part One of the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme and may be eligible for exemption from two modules.


Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme

  • No prior qualifications required, various entry routes dependent on experience
  • Two to five years
  • Designated study texts per module
  • Varies depending on route and tuition choice
  • Register anytime, exams in June or Nov
Timetable and key dates


If you are a qualified law practitioner with more than five years’ experience, you could quickly become a Chartered Secretary or Governance Professional with our Fast Track Professional route. You are required to take just two modules: Corporate Governance and Risk Management. These will give you the core professional knowledge required of Chartered Secretaries and Governance Professionals.

As a lawyer, you will need to be a member of the Bar or Law Society for your jurisdiction, or compliant with the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Regulations.

Single fee UK and overseas Reduced rate
Registration, student membership, exemptions and exam entry £2,193 £1,458

This single fee covers registration and membership for your first year, exemption and exam fees.

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