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Are you a professional with governance responsibilities, eager to boost your career prospects and become a leader in the field of governance? Discover our Fast-Track Programme to chartered status.

With just a couple of modules...

Governance is a rewarding, exciting and varied career – and you may be able to work in this field without studying the full qualifying programme. For many professionals, like yourself, it’s just a couple of modules you need to complete. That’s why we call it the fast-track route.

What’s there to gain from being a CGIUKI member?

Becoming a Chartered Member of CGIUKI opens doors to exciting opportunities:

  • Accelerated Career Progression: Chartered status demonstrates your proficiency in governance and compliance, setting you apart from others and boosting your career prospects.
  • Dynamic and Fulfilling Career Path: Gain practical insights into board dynamics, strategy, finance, law, and risk.
  • Boardroom-Ready: Using post-nominals (ACG and FCG), you can showcase your status and be fully equipped to handle board-level responsibilities.

Affiliated Membership

If you want to join the governance community, but don’t want to commit to exams and gaining chartered status, take a look at our Affiliated Membership.

Connect with like-minded professionals and stay informed about governance policy, guidance, and latest trends.

Take charge of your Professional Development

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Fast Track Programme
Eligibility and Application

Hear from our members:

By qualifying in governance, you get to see how a company runs from behind the scenes – from the top down to the bottom up.

Francesca Goddard ACG, Joined CGIUKI in 2017

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