Insight Days

Insight Days

Governance Insight Days launched in September 2016 to raise the profile of the company secretarial and governance profession amongst students and graduates.

Hosted with DMJ and leading company secretarial teams, we set out to create new ways for people to experience the profession at a time of rising demand for company secretaries and governance professionals.

Since then, some of the UK’s leading companies have hosted events at their offices to showcase what being a company secretary entails. Together, we’ve already inspired over 500 students and graduates to secure their first role or embark on our qualification.

The 2021 Insight Days programme gives even more people the opportunity to discover governance through our unique events. We will be going virtual starting from Feb and each inspiring informative and interactive session will be 2-3 hours long.

Registrations for each Insight Day listed below will open four weeks before the event date.

"I feel so much more focused after having attended the 2021 Insight Days with the Secretarial and Governance teams of Coca Cola European Partners and Santander. Here, I had the opportunity to listen first-hand to the experiences of the very learned governance professionals. I had some very healthy and exhilarating interactions with them, and to ask them, in real time, the questions which I and my fellow aspirants had regarding our prospective career. It is really commendable that The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland (CGIUKI) organises events like Insight Days and has programmes in place like the Student Mentoring Programme to guide us aspiring Company Secretaries and Governance Professionals."
Vaishali Munjyasara

“Thank you so much to the Chartered Governance Institute for hosting the 2021 Insight Days. It was extremely valuable to network with a learn from the company secretarial teams at two very different organisations. It was useful to not only hear from senior members of the team but also trainees to gain insight into the day-to-day role of new recruits. It was great to learn more about the CGI and DMJ Recruitment too. Following on from the second Insight Day I attended, I was invited to an interview and then subsequently offered my dream trainee role at a multi-national financial institution. I am immensely grateful to the Chartered Governance Institute for hosting the Insight Days.”
Nick McGreevy

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2021 dates
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