Employing governance officer apprentices: how to get started

How to launch your governance officer apprenticeship scheme

To launch a successful governance apprenticeship scheme, you need:

  • to be based in England;
  • a defined role in your governance team that you'll fill or create through an apprenticeship; and
  • an apprenticeship programme that can deliver the education and experience needed to acquire the governance apprenticeship qualification.

It’s easier than you think – see the government advice for a step by step guide.

Setting up an apprenticeship scheme

Many organisations think apprenticeships are hard to set up. However, the training provider will provide lots of support, so you won’t be bombarded with forms and paperwork. Your employee's training provider will do most of the administration for you, including a health and safety check.

These apprenticeship training providers will be offering a Governance Officer Apprentice training from early 2024:

Promote your organisation as an employer using the Governance Officer Apprenticeship scheme

Once you have created a role and job advertisement for your apprentice(s), get in touch and we will provide you with a logo to display on your website and within your job advert, which states that you offer the Governance Officer Apprenticeship Scheme accredited by the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland.

How much support do apprentices need?

Apprentices are employees and are training so will need similar support to any other trainee employee. The more you engage with your apprentice, working with them to support their off-the-job training, the more you and they will get out of the apprenticeship.

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