Short course qualifications


The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland offer a number of qualifications to suit a variety of professional requirements at different levels. Catered to your sector, we offer certificates in charity law, corporate, education and health service governance. Upon completion of one of our short course qualifications, you will be eligible to take up Affiliate membership with the Institute. 

Applications for the 23/24 session is now closed, now accepting bookings for the 24/25 session.


Corporate Governance

Governance is a system that provides a framework for managing organisations. It identifies who can make decisions, who has the authority to act on behalf of the organisation and who is accountable for how an organisation and its people behave and perform.

Governance enables the management team and the board to run organisations legally, ethically, sustainably, and successfully, for the benefit of stakeholders, including shareholders, staff, clients and customers, and for the good of wider society.

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Charity Governance

Charity law and regulations are intended to ensure public accountability and the safeguarding of charitable funds and assets. The underlying point and purpose of the correct legal administration of a charity is, though, far more than mere legal and regulatory compliance. Rather, it is about building a firm foundation for good governance, enabling the charity to be effective in achieving its charitable purposes, delivering lasting positive social impact and making a real difference for good.

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Academy Governance

The last decade has seen a transformation in the structure and form of school governance across England with the introduction of the academy trust. Academy governance has evolved as a distinct form of school governance compared to that delivered within the maintained sector for a range of reasons.

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Health Service Governance

Whether you are a health service professional currently working in governance or looking to start your career, having a solid understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding health services in England and Wales is essential to successfully performing the role of a governance professional.

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Sports Governance

Sports goverenance is about having an understanding of the principles of good governance and how embedding these in your organisation will support sustainable and ethical decision making.

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International Finance and Administration

Robust and effective regulations and their enforcement are crucial to the smooth operation of financial systems. Gain a sound understanding of the principles of regulation for the start of your career as a regulator.

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