Certificate in Sports Governance - Module 2

Champion good governance in sport.

  • No prior qualifications needed
  • Self-study
  • Webinar taught course
  • Course starts w/c 24th June
  • £350 inclusive of VAT
  • Eligible
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This module focuses specifically on the governance landscape in the sport and physical activity sector. It introduces the principles of sports governance, the most common organisational structures in the sector and the principal governance frameworks and legislation to which sports organisations adhere. 

Topics covered include:

The sports governance landscape

  • Definition of sports governance
  • The evolution and importance of sports governance
  • Comparison of sports governance in the UK with other countries
  • The role of stakeholders in sports governance

Sports organisations and governance structures in the UK

  • Types of sports organisations, including grassroots and community sport
  • Governance structures in sports organisations
  • The role of the board, members, executive directors and SMTs in sports organisations

Approaches to sports governance

  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • The role of self-regulation and external regulation
  • Mandated and voluntary standards in governance
  • The importance of international regulation

Relevant legislation

  • The legal framework for sports governance in the UK
  • The role of government in sports governance
  • The role of international and transnational regulation

The module is an online learning component of a larger self-paced programme with e-learning content, self-assessments, knowledge check quizzes, real-world examples (practical case studies) and other online resources. It will also be supported by a schedule of live webinars with a tutor, group discussions and feedback on discussions and assessments. 

The programme content is delivered through an online learning platform, where you can interact with other students. The webinars are live events but will also reside as an archived recorded resource.

It is an intensive module. It is estimated that completion of the module will require 40-50 hours of self-study, including webinars.


The fee for this qualification is £350. A limited number of bursaries are available for those working or volunteering in a UK-based organisation. For further details visit Module 2 - Introduction to Sports Governance (sportsgovernanceacademy.org.uk)

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