Qualify with ICSA

ICSA offer a number of qualifications to suit a variety of professional requirements at different levels.

Advance your career in the finance industry by qualifying with ICSA. We offer internationally recognised and regulatory approved qualifications that kick-start your career.

Get the necessary skills in funds, trusts, investments and more that take you across many jurisdictions. A qualification from ICSA opens up a world of opportunities.

Financial Compliance Qualifications

International Finance and Administration qualifications

The IFA qualifications have been developed in response to the increasing complexity of providing financial services across national boundaries, and the growing demand for greater transparency.

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Level 5 Certificate in Fund Administration

This higher-level certificate is a specialised qualification in fund administration. It draws on our expertise in developing the broader Level 5 IFA programme, and particularly the Fund Administration module.

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Chartered Qualification

The Foundation Programme

This is the first part of the ICSA qualifying programme. Designed to give you a grounding in the topics that the qualifying programme covers, including an introduction to the areas of law and finance.

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Chartered governance qualifying programme

Specifically designed to qualify you for work in governance and compliance, and with the required experience leads to chartered status.

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If you are considering tuition to aid your study then you can sign up with one of our registered tuition providers.

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