Bespoke training

Bespoke training

From those new to governance roles to those who find governance embedded in their roles, we have bespoke training to suit every organisations needs.

Who we support

It's unlikely that everyone on your team is in exactly the same place in their professional development, but train for the whole team brings skill levels in line and helps teams bond over a shared experience. 

We will talk through your needs and help come up with a unique programme for you, but here are a few examples of the types of governance professionals who have benefitted from our training in the past:

  • Those new to governance – those starting their careers in governance have differing levels of knowledge, our training will ensure they have the level of knowledge and skills you expect from your team
  • Those transitioning into governance – more and more we see lawyers and accountants supporting organisation in governance roles who may want to gain a firm background in the essentials of governance, providing specific training will help them achieve their objectives and further support the business
  • Those who find governance a part of their roles – as the role of the governance professional evolves, it becomes a part of a wider variety of roles, supporting those who are supporting your governance functions is necessary to meet your strategic aims.
  • Boards - even established boards have knowledge gaps that need filling or skills that need refreshing
  • New board members/trustees - every new joiner brings with them their own set of skills and knowledge, but bringing them up to speed on their roles and responsibilities within the board can make them even more effective and valuable assets
  • HR professionals creating training plans – not all training can be done by your in-house trainers, reaching out to our team of experts makes offering governance training to your team or providing specific training to your board and directors to support their effectiveness
  • Professional service teams who deliver company or fund administration - provide the latest insight into governance and regulatory requirements and best practice in specific areas of company law and the internal frameworks of an organisation
  • Lawyers and accountants who support and advise businesses of all sizes, and sectors -sometimes professionals find themselves performing tasks outside of their knowledge and experience, specific support in the right areas of governance will improve their ability to understand the full business requirement, stay up to date with regulations and understand how to apply the governance frameworks in day-to-day duties
  • Management consultants - when you find yourself in a position where you are advising organisations and they require support in topics that are outside of your expertise, or you need to update your regulatory and legislative knowledge and best practice applications
  • Those in government roles - for those working on governance projects or making legal, business, finance and risk decisions who need to have access to up to the minute regulations, knowledge and best practice suggestions

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  • For a confidential chat about your needs, please contact the team on 020 7612 7027 or email

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To discuss your organisations needs and how we can support you, please call 020 7612 7027 or email

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