In-house board development

Creating an effective board enquires a deep understanding of the role and responsibilities of the board and its committees, and of the parts played by individual directors.

We have years of experience in this field, and we’re uniquely positioned to help your company build a high performing board.

We understand what makes boards tick, the challenges they face, and where and how things can sometimes go wrong. We have a strong track record in helping boards of directors of all sizes and sectors to brush up their skills, address issues of board behaviours and dynamics and deliver effective governance.

Areas in which we’ve undertaken in-house board development in recent months include:

  • Deriving value from governance
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities
  • Evaluating the board
  • Getting the right people on the board
  • Governance management
  • Key provisions in the UK Corporate Governance Code
  • Key drivers of board effectiveness
  • The audit committee and risk management
  • The board’s governance role
  • The role of the board and its members
  • The NED’s role in corporate governance
  • The work of the remuneration committee

Whatever you're looking for, we can design a solution for you. Our facilitators have years of experience in dealing with and advising boards, and are familiar with developing people at the highest level. And, we'll deliver at a time and a place that works for you.

For a confidential discussion about your board's needs call 020 7612 7044 or contact us

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