Virtual & Classroom Training Courses

Virtual & Classroom Training Courses

Our virtual courses offer individuals the opportunity to explore the aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance in an interactive, virtual environment.


Our virtual courses offer individuals the opportunity to explore the aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance in an interactive, virtual environment. With a number of introductory courses to choose from, and the opportunity to experience one-to-one coaching from the Programme Director of our highly successful Governance Leadership Programme, there is something for those starting their careers and those looking to take them to the next level.

Our list of virtual courses is evolving, so be sure to check back to see what other topics we will be offering.

Company secretarial practice and company law

Effective company secretaries are more valuable than ever. However that value depends on up-to-date skills, contacts and expertise.

We have a range of courses to help you develope the neccesary skills and knowledge to take the first step into the world of the company secretary.

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Corporate Governance

Governance is a system that provides a framework for managing organisations. It identifies who can make decisions, who has the authority to act on behalf of the organisation and who is accountable for how an organisation and its people behave and perform.

Governance enables the management team and the board to run organisations legally, ethically, sustainably, and successfully, for the benefit of stakeholders, including shareholders, staff, clients and customers, and for the good of wider society.

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Charity Governance

Charity law and regulations are intended to ensure public accountability and the safeguarding of charitable funds and assets. The underlying point and purpose of the correct legal administration of a charity is, though, far more than mere legal and regulatory compliance. Rather, it is about building a firm foundation for good governance, enabling the charity to be effective in achieving its charitable purposes, delivering lasting positive social impact and making a real difference for good.

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Essential skills

A governance professional requires a vast array of skills to be truly effective in their role. We provide a number of training courses to maximise your ability to engage with the board.

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Company directors are more exposed than ever. To regulators. To shareholder action. To the realities of the current business climate.

We have a number of courses to equip you with the knowledge and skills that a director or non-executive director (NED) need to truly excel in their role.

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Leadership development

During these exceptional circumstances, we have reformatted our Governance Leadership Programme workshops to offer delegates the opportunity of a one-to-one two-hour coaching session with Programme Director Anna Bateson. Each session will be tailored to the individual and will reflect on their challenges, strengths and organisation context.

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Bespoke training

If you would like to arrange tailored training for your organisation or group, the Institute can help.

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