Board Performance Reviews: Advanced

This course supports those with Board Performance Review experience who are either looking to develop their skills as an internal board reviewer or to begin conducting external reviews as a consultant.


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Board reviewing in practice: Planning, designing and leading an effective review process – tools, tips, practical application models and their relative benefits.

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  • Setting and agreeing objectives and scope for board performance review
  • Setting the board revew strategy
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Setting and prioritising board review topics in line with objectives
  • Using evaluation methods
    • What methods to select and why (questionnaires, interviews, board observation etc).
    • Generating valuable feedback by designing and using methods effectively.
  • Gathering data and analysing results
  • Report writing

Board review and strategy: Conducting board performance reviews that go beyond issues of compliance

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  • Managing stakeholder relationships and conflicts of interest
  • Drafting strong recommendations
  • Communicating report findings
    • What could go right and what could go wrong
  • Implementing findings and monitoring progress

Post-course reading

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  • Building your Board Performance Review business

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