Effective Chairing Skills

A one-day online course for anyone with responsibility for meetings or decision-making.


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Network and introductions

What are meetings and why are they held?

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Primary purpose of meetings

What is the role of the chair person?

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What should the role include?

The skills of effective chairing

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Careful planning

  • Understanding the nature, purpose and objectives of the meeting
  • What goes into the planning of any meeting?
  • Analysing the agenda from the chairperson's perspective

Chairing capability

  • The chairperson as the leader of the meeting
  • Working with an ineffective chairperson
  • Listening – questioning – summarising
  • Understanding participants behaviour
  • Keeping the meeting on-track
  • Maintaining focus

The skills of effective chairing

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Critical evaluation

  • How to use the post meeting 18 point self-evaluation checklist

Roundtable discussions

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  • The self-confident chairperson

    - Essential personal skills for successful chairing

  • Points for personal application


06 June 2024
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Location: Virtual
Time: 9:15 - 17:00

Alternative dates

14 November 2024
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