Essential Corporate Governance

An intermediate level, virtual course on the key drivers that influence corporate governance principles in the UK.


The course will start at 9:00 and finish at 16:00. Time has been given for breaks throughout the day. Start and finish times are subject to change.

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Network and introductions

The current profile of UK Corporate Governance

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The evolution of corporate governance over the past 20 years

The current reputation of UK corporate governance

The impact of the UK Code and its derivatives, including other codes from other sectors

The Regulatory Landscape

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Which regulators are setting the pace?

The role of the professions

How the Board’s Role is evolving

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The unitary board principle vs individual accountability

The Board’s agenda

Matters reserved and delegation

Culture and ethics

The Company Secretary/Head of Governance role

Directors’ Duties in Practice

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Which ones are being tested the most?

The importance of an audit trail

The relationship of the duties with UK Regulation

Executives and Non-Executives

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Are the distinctions clear?

Liability and accountability – what do they mean today?

Chairmanship – the required skills

Committee Chairmanship – the required skills

Executive behaviours in the Boardroom

Key Themes in Governance

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Conflicts of interest

Risk management




Reporting Requirements

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UK Listed market


Scenario Exercise

Discussion and conclusions


05 March 2024
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Location: Virtual
Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Alternative date

14 May 2024
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02 July 2024
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05 November 2024
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