Essentials of ESG: Pathway to Good Governance

Learn the wider context of the ESG agenda, how it applies to your organisation and how to integrate ESG into your governance, strategy and reporting.


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What is ESG and why does it matter?

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  • Explain the context behind the ESG agenda and ESG principles, including the importance that stakeholders attach to the agenda
  • The case for ESG (including long-term viability, risk and resilience)
  • Evolution of ESG practice and reporting standards (GRI, SASB and TCFD), including current company law framework and global ESG trends and developments, broader sustainability context and global initiatives

ESG practice: first steps

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  • Underlying issues that constitute factors within each of the ESG pillars. Environmental: environmental sustainability, green washing Social: Human rights, Modern slavery and Diversity and Inclusion Governance: Ethical leadership, board diversity, governance practices
  • Understanding your stakeholders and setting out how investors use ESG data
  • Which areas of ESG are material to your business? (introducing the topic of ESG materiality matrices)
  • ESG: how to assess risks and opportunities

ESG reporting:evolving practice

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  • Understanding the various reporting requirements, including developing best practice
  • How to meet the various reporting requirements, including review of bad reporting
  • Data gathering and analysis, including the role of ESG ratings providers
  • Technological solutions for ESG reporting
  • Greenwashing and other reporting traps (real life examples)

ESG practice: taking it to the next level

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  • Success stories
  • Who is ‘doing ESG well’ and what can we learn?
  • How to align practice and reporting: using TCFD as an example framework

The role of the governance professional

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  • How to get this on the Board agenda
  • Change the time horizon of Board discussions
  • Upskilling your Board and developing the governance of ESG
  • How to secure buy-in

Conclusion and Next Steps

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  • Key takeaways and Next steps
  • Resource for further learning

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