Non-Executive Directors' Programme

This practical programme covers all aspects of the modern NEDs role. Learn how to maximise your effectiveness whether you are new to the boardroom or looking to increase your value.


The course will start at 9:30 and finish at 16:30. Time has been given for breaks throughout the day. Start and finish times are subject to change.

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Network and introductions

Welcome and introduction

Corporate governance overview

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  • A review of the corporate governance environment
  • The corporate governance role of the NED

Legal liability and risks

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  • Role and key tasks of the board; what is expected of a NED; liability and insurance; due diligence; Bribery Act

Risk management, audit committees and the role of NEDs

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  • The NED’s responsibilities regarding risk and internal control.
  • Composition and role of the committee
  • ICSA guidance on terms of reference foe audit and risk committees

Effective Decision Making

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  • Board as decision making entities
  • What facilitates good decision making
  • Limitations on effective decision making
  • Judgement and how it can be distorted
  • Honest reviews of past decisions
  • The Chairman’s role

Governance dilemmas for directors

Board composition

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  • Issues regarding board composition, and the nomination committee, including skill sets, search and selection, succession planning and diversity.

Remuneration: the challenges for NEDs

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  • Key aspects of formulating a remuneration policy; legal constraints and best practice issues; an examination of the changing features of remuneration; and application of these principles to practical examples.


17 March 2022 - Virtual
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