The Role of the Charity Secretary

Start on the right foot as a Charity Secretary or refresh your knowledge with this concise, practical course.


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  • What is a charity; charitable purposes and public benefit
  • Charities Act 2006
  • Different legal forms
  • Different roles in a charity; beneficiaries; members; trustees and staff
  • Subsidiaries and branches

The charity constitution

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  • What is it, and what does it contain?
  • Importance of complying with the constitution
  • Amending the constitution

The secretary

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  • Understanding and approaching the role
  • Annual timetable
  • Ongoing work and reviews
  • Reporting lines

The legal framework

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  • Understanding the legal framework
  • Oversight of obligations
  • Land and property
  • Contracts
  • Seals

Charity regulation and compliance

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  • The Charity Commission – role and powers
  • Charities that operate in Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Other regulators (e.g. Companies House)
  • Annual returns, reporting and accounts, and event driven filing
  • Records, registers and document retention
  • Names and stationery


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  • Recruitment and selection
  • Duties and liabilities
  • Benefits and payments; conflicts of interest

Meetings and decision making

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  • General meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Delegation; monitoring and control
  • Committee meetings
  • Alternatives to meetings

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