The Role of the Company Secretary: Part 1

Learn how to in tackle the governance responsibilities of a Company Secretary.


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Registration, welcome and introductions

Section 1 - What is a Company Secretary/Governance Professional?

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  • Legal definition vs reality
  • Team design and size
  • Qualifications
  • Main Duties
  • Legislation and Regulation


Section 2 - Statutory Compliance

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  • 'The Knowledge' (legal and regulatory)
  • Group structure charts
  • External Reporting

Section 3 - Meeting management

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  • Types of meeting
  • Key roles
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Timelines
  • Minutes


Section 4 - Directors’ Duties

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  • Appointment, termination, and detail changes


Section 5 - Basic Corporate Governance

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  • What is it?
  • History
  • UK Corporate Governance Code
  • Wates Principles
  • Other Codes

Discussion, Q&A and conclusion


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