The course will start at 9:00 and finish at 17:00. Time has been given for breaks throughout the day.

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Welcome & introductions

How to get the most out of meetings

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  • The annual calendar of board business and the forward planner
  • Meetings: preparation and agenda setting

   Group work: Exercise

  • At the meeting: issues that arise
  • The purpose and legal standing of board packs/document discovery and confidentiality aspects
  • Ensuring board papers are ‘fit for purpose’ to facilitate good decision making
  • Using IT effectively in board processes


  • Minutes of meetings; written resolutions and minute logs; access to minutes
  • Document retention and document retention policies

Common problem areas

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  • Meetings organisation and set up arrangements
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Time management
  • Meeting behaviours

Group work: Case Study

The importance of information flows

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  • Meeting type: how best to support them
  • Defining the purpose of the meeting, agenda setting and management
  • Dealing with routine and non-routine items
  • Getting the most out of pre-meetings with key participants
  • Circulating board papers/timing/method/equivalence of information


The company secretary and shareholders

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  • Articles of Association; shareholder agreements; AGM's and GM's
  • Changing nature of stakeholder relationships
  • Share registration and dividend issues
  • The concept of 'Stewardship'

Conclusions and round up


Next course: 29 June 2021
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