Board Performance Review Accreditation

In order to support those responsible for ensuring their Board is reviewed professionally, the Institute has created a directory of accredited board performance reviewers. These providers have demonstrated an exemplary service in the undertaking of board performance reviews and are aligned to our Code of Practice.

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The Accreditation Process

If you are interested in becoming an accredited board performance reviewer, please choose one of the following options:

For Individuals

If you are an independent board performance reviewer you will be eligible to join our accreditation programme, if you can submit the following information:

Application for individual accreditation

  1. A statement of character and standing: should you have a criminal record or have been declared bankrupt you should contact CGIUKI who can discuss your application with you in more detail.
  2. Your full name.
  3. Your email address.
  4. Your website address.
  5. Your CV - this should be uploaded as a word document or PDF.
  6. Your experience in conducting board reviews – this is an open text response with a 4,000-character limit. We would advise you to align your experience as far as possible to the CGIUKI Competency framework.
  7. References from two board chairs detailing your experience in undertaking board performance reviews – these can be uploaded as word documents or PDFs.
  8. At least two redacted board performance reviews that you have conducted in the last five years:  these can be uploaded as either word documents or PDFs.
  9. Your certificated professional qualifications, uploaded as PDFs.
  10. A narrative account of your approach to continuing professional development, including activities within the last two years and your plans for the next twelve months, this is an open text response with 3,000 character limit.
  11. Confirmation that you have read and will embed into your practice the CGIUKI Code of Practice for Board Reviewers.
  12. Confirmation that you will adhere to the CGIUKI’s code of professional code of conduct and ethics, or, if you are a member of another professional body a link to that professional body’s code of conduct and ethics.

After submitting your application for accreditation and paying the assessment fee of £250, the information you provide will be reviewed by our expert team. You may be invited to our next scheduled panel interview which will be held in January, May and November each year. The first one takes place in early November 2023.

After the panel has met, you will receive further communication regarding whether you have achieved accreditation.

If you are successful, you will be offered accreditation, upon payment of a £300 fee. The Institute will provide you with a digital badge you can display on your own website and your details will be added to our Accreditation directory, which will be promoted as the source of exemplary providers.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive dedicated feedback to enable them to recommence the application process ready for the next panel interview session.

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For Organisations

If you are a provider of board performance reviews and wish to gain accreditation for your employees, please email our accreditation team. Pricing is calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the organisation.

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