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Help, I’ve purchased an eBook and I wanted a hard copy. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately as we cannot check that an eBook has been saved and downloaded before requesting a refund, our eBooks are non-refundable. If you have a query over your purchase, please contact us

What formats can I download an eBook in?

  • Our study texts are ONLY available as an e-text (in pdf format) and can be downloaded onto an iPad and Kindle.
  • Our professional book titles are available as ePub (the standard format for eBooks) and AZW (the file for Kindle ereaders).

If I purchase a hard copy do I get the e-text for free?

No, we do not offer this. A hard copy and an e-text are two separate products and are not sold on a partnership basis.

How do I get my eBook?

Our eBooks are delivered via download. Upon purchasing an eBook, you are presented with a link which allows you to download and save your eBook locally on your computer.

Do I need certain software to read eBooks?

Yes, for ePub files you will need Adobe Digital Edition which is free to download.

Generally, when you click on the link to download your file, you will be prompted to download this software in order to open the file. PDFs and Kindle files will open automatically on your reading device.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to view/open my ebook?

An internet connection is only required when downloading the ebook for the first time. Once the ebook is downloaded and saved, you do not need an internet connection to start using your eBook.

How do I download a pdf file onto a Kindle?

  1. Go to ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to ‘Personal Document Settings’
  4. Make a note of your Kindle email address, which is listed on this page
  5. Under ‘Approved Personal Document Email List’, add the email address you’re going to send the PDF from (or check that it’s already there)
  6. From the approved email address, you can send an email to your Kindle email account, attaching the PDF
  7. Before sending, write the word ‘Convert’ in the subject line of the email. Leave the message blank.

Will an eBook be available to purchase at the same time as the printed book?

Going forward, CGI Publishing will aim to publish eBooks the same day as a print book is published. Our eBooks are produced with the same care, dedication and attention to detail that goes into our print books but as the eBook production process is quite new to us we are constantly improving our production schedule and the final product so some timing issues may occur.

eBook copyright notice

Publishers are required to protect and prevent the illegal distribution of copyrighted material which includes an author's intellectual property. All of the content published by CGI Publishing is copyrighted by CGI Publishing Ltd, or by our contracted authors.

If you have any queries about availability, please contact us

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