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Bernadette Barber

Bernadette is a director of Chadwick Corporate Consulting, a company secretarial and governance services provider which she established in 2005. Prior to this, she was company secretary of Royal London Asset Management, having previously also been Deputy Group Secretary of international insurance group, RSA.

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Corporate Governance Handbook, 4th edition

Corporate Governance Handbook, 4th edition

Authors: Bernadette Barber, Barbara Allen
Price: £74.95 | June 2017
ISBN: 9781860727122

The focus of corporate governance thinking at the current time emphasises, perhaps more than ever before, the importance of defining and promoting a healthy corporate culture and of recognising and responding to the needs of a wide a range of stakeholders. This new edition of Corporate Governance Handbook delves deeper than before into such issues in order to guide boards as they attempt to find an appropriate balance between more traditional financial considerations and other factors that may influence their decision making.

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