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Corporate Governance Unlocked

Authors: Alison Dillon Kibirige, Winifred Tarinyeba Kiryabwire

ISBN: 9781860727214 | Published: January 2019

Corporate governance is something with which we are all increasingly familiar, but which is often misunderstood. Many organisations adhere to what they think is best practice in corporate governance without truly believing in what they are doing, or the benefits which it can bring.

Corporate Governance Unlocked is a succinct guide to what corporate governance is and why it matters. It looks at the evolution of corporate governance, how governance practice and regulation varies around the world and how lessons from the business sector have impacted upon the adoption of governance across the economy as a whole.

Written in an accessible style, and packed with real-world examples, Corporate Governance Unlocked is the perfect companion for everyone from the qualified professional to the curious beginner.

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1. Introduction to corporate governance

2. The governance framework

3. Evolution of corporate governance

4. Corporate governance players

5. The role of professionals in governance

6. Stakeholder engagement

7. Corporate social responsibility and integrated reporting

8. Governance and ethics

9. Future trends in corporate governance


'Such a great book for beginners like me to get a good grip of what corporate governance is, its background and the role it plays in companies and society. 
A must read!’

- Ariana Dascalu, LLB Graduate hoping for a future career as a Company Secretary.

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