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Directors' Handbook

Author: Mark Wearden

ISBN: 9781860728082 | Published: March 2021

The role of director is vast, complex and ever-changing. Let this handbook be your guide to everything you need to know about being a director. Both highly accessible and practical, it will be a great resource for directors at any stage of their career, from aspiring directors to experienced ones, as well as for their advisers – particularly company secretaries and governance leads.

This brand-new title reflects the most recent changes to legislation and regulation and covers them in detail. It is structured so that it will guide the reader through the lifecycle of being a director in a clear, logical manner, starting with pre-appointment and concluding with succession planning, addressing all the essentials in between.

'An essential guide to being a good director and running a successful and compliant company.'

 Yorkshire Times business review, read the full review here 

The prefect companion to the Directors' Checklists

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Section 1 – Corporate structure

1 The limited company

2 The role of the director

3 Appointment

4 Remuneration

5 Termination

Section 2: The director’s role

6 Statutory duties

7 Other duties and


8 Penalties and sanctions

Section 3 – Financial accountability

9 Financial duties

10 Financial statements

11 Audit

12 Other finance-related duties

13 Financial sustainability and financial stress

Section 4 – Stakeholder accountabilities

14 Corporate purpose

15 Shareholders

16 Stakeholders

Section 5 – Governance and transparency

17 The meaning of governance

18 Practical governance

19 Governance codes

20 Governance dynamics

21 Governance narrative


Appendix 1 – FRC The UK Corporate Governance Code

Appendix 2 – FRC Guidance on Board Effectiveness

Appendix 3 – FRC The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies

Appendix 4 – FRC The UK Stewardship Code 2020

Appendix 5 – FRC Guidance on Audit Committees 2016

Appendix 6 – Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Appendix 7 – Nomination Committee Terms of Reference

Appendix 8 – Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Appendix 9 – Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Appendix 10 – Directors’ service contracts

Appendix 11 – Sample NED appointment letter

Appendix 12 – Contents list for the annual report

Appendix 13 – Directors’ general duties

Appendix 14 – Good practice for virtual AGM and board meetings

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