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The Good Governance Guide to Boardroom Dynamics

Author: Jeremy Cross

Series Editor: Sue Lawrence

ISBN: 9781860728068 | Published: April 2021

The first title in our 'Good Governance Guide' series is available to buy now.

The boardroom sits at the heart of every organisation, yet understanding its inner workings and knowing how to get the most out of it can be highly challenging. Let our Good Governance Guide to Boardroom Dynamics help you successfully navigate this tricky environment. It will arm you with expert theoretical understanding and practical advice, allowing you to influence boardroom performance and ensure that this vital cog is working as smoothly as possible.

This book will cover all the essential areas, looking at issues that affect the board both on an individual and group level. Key topics such as board diversity, technical competence and personal characteristics are addressed, as is the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) – something that is crucial to successfully working in a boardroom setting. As well as offering practical direction on how best to work with others and manage talent, the book also looks inward, offering guidance on how to maintain personal resilience and develop behavioural agility.

'An excellent guide to governance and board dynamics which is strong on theory but brimming with case studies, diagrams and four-box matrixes to help bring theory to life.'

 Yorkshire Times business review, read the full review here 

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Part one – The importance of board dynamics

1 The emergence of board dynamics in governance

2 Governance structures

3 Board director demographics

Part two – Understanding board dynamics

4 Psychology of the board

5 Board decision making

6 Stakeholder conversations

7 Culture in the boardroom

8 Diversity in the boardroom

9 The effect of meeting design on boardroom dynamics

Part three – Effecting change in the boardroom

10 The role of the governance professional in influencing the board

11 Effective talent management

12 Board evaluation

13 Cultural differences in boardroom dynamics

14 Developing behavioural agility

15 Maintaining personal resilience 

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