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Health Service Governance Handbook, 3rd edition

Author: Claire Lea

ISBN: 9781860727719 | Published: June 2019

The Health Service Governance Handbook is the most comprehensive and useful guide in the field of corporate governance in the NHS. It offers vital insight into the corporate governance landscape, exploring the principles and regulatory frameworks of corporate governance and how they relate to the NHS.

The Handbook covers the development of best practice in corporate governance, as well as issues surrounding board effectiveness, including how risk, assurance and audit are managed. This updated edition has a greater focus on the board’s role in leading on culture, values and behaviour, reflecting the FRC’s 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance on Board Effectiveness. The legal and statutory duties of NHS organisations are also discussed, as well as the recommended standards of best practice they should follow.

It is the perfect companion for anyone involved in corporate governance in the NHS – from the experienced health service governance professional wanting to stay up-to-date with new developments, to those just beginning their corporate governance career in the NHS.

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1 Definitions and issues in governance

2 Theoretical frameworks

3 Definitions and issues in health service governance

4 The structure of the NHS

5 Heath service governance and the law

6 Voluntary codes of best practice

7 The board's structure and its committees

8 Directors' duties and liabilities

9 Maintaining an effective board

10 The chair of the board

11 Executive directors

12 Non-executive directors

13 The company secretary

14 NHS foundation trusts

15 Clinical commissioning groups

16 New models of care

17 Risk management

18 Assurance

19 Audit