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Company Law

Author: Lee Roach

Published: September 2022 | ISBN: 9781860728341

Please note, this is the study text for the June 2024 and November 2024 exam sessions.  

All modules are published in the new digital format as PDF downloads. Study materials will not be available in print format. 

Designed for those on the journey to becoming a Chartered Governance Professional, our Company Law study text provides you with knowledge of legal frameworks relevant to the organisation of a business and highlights the links between company law and corporate governance.

It covers the sources of company law; the board of directors, including appointment, remuneration and disqualification; company memberships; capital and corporate transparency and corporate restructuring and liquidation.

This study text details all you need to know. It contains:

  • Worked examples and ‘Test Yourself’ questions with full, worked answers
  • Case studies and ‘Stop and Think’ scenarios to help you apply your knowledge
  • Comprehensive chapter summaries to aid your revision.

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  1. Sources of company law and governance
  2. Business structures
  3. Incorporation and corporate personality
  4. Legally binding the company
  5. The board of directors
  6. The role of the board
  7. Director’s duties
  8. Membership
  9. Company meetings and decision-making
  10. Member’s remedies
  11. Shares and share capital
  12. The capital maintenance rules
  13. Loan capital
  14. Corporate transparency
  15. Market abuse
  16. Corporate restructuring and takeovers
  17. Corporate rescue
  18. Liquidation and dissolution

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