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Health Service Governance

Author: Claire Lea

Published: July 2021 | ISBN: 9781860728259

Please note, this is the study text for the June 2023 and November 2023 exam sessions. 

All modules are published in the new digital format as PDF downloads. Study materials will not be available in print format. 

Designed for those on the journey to becoming a Chartered Governance Professional, our Health Service Governance study text provides the knowledge and skills necessary to act as an adviser to governing bodies across the NHS in England. This includes developing good governance practices for all obligations of NHS organisations in England, covering not only legal duties, but also applicable and recommended standards of best practice.

It covers the development of good governance practices, including the governance frameworks that can be applied to NHS organisations as well as issues surrounding the board, including its role and how it manages risk. The legal and statutory duties of NHS organisations are also discussed, as well as the recommended standards of best practice they should follow.

This study text details all you need to know. It contains:

  • Worked examples and ‘Test Yourself’ questions with full, worked answers
  • Case studies and ‘Stop and Think’ scenarios to help you apply your knowledge
  • Comprehensive chapter summaries to aid your revision.

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  1. Definitions and issues in governance
  2. Theoretical Frameworks 
  3. Definitions and issues in health service governance 
  4. The structure of the NHS
  5. Health service governance and the law
  6. Voluntary codes of best practice
  7. The board’s structure and its committees 
  8. Directors’ duties and liabilities 
  9. Maintaining an effective board
  10. The chair of the board
  11. Executive directors
  12. Non-executive directors
  13. The company secretary 
  14. Foundation trusts
  15. Clinical commissioning groups
  16. New models of care 
  17. Risk Management
  18. Assurance
  19. Audit 

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