Below you will find answers to the questions about exams, we get asked the most at the Institute. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please use the contact form.


What happens if I need you to make adjustments to my exam conditions for an approved reason?
Can I move my exam to another session?
How do the online examinations work?
What equipment will I need to have?
How does remote invigilation work?
Will I have a system test?
What happens if there are technical issues?
Are the examinations recorded? What happens to that data?
My answer has disappeared. What can be done?
How will I be able to answer calculation questions in the finance examinations?
What will I have access to in the exam?
Is spell-check functional during the examination?
When happens of the day of the exam?
Will you still pre-release case studies six weeks ahead of the examinations?
Will I be able to take a toilet break?
Where can I find more detailed guidance?
Why can’t I see my exam results?
If you have failed your examination?
Where do I find my Invoice/receipt?
How do I submit a mitigating/extenuating circumstances form?
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