Below you will find answers to the qualifications related questions we get asked the most at the Institute. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please use the contact form.


How do I apply to be a Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme student?
What are the main entry routes?
Do students pay an exemption fee, and why?
When registering as a student, what documents do I need to upload to get my exemptions and entry route confirmed?
Who can certify documents such as academic or professional certificates and transcripts of results?
Do the certificates need to be in English?
How much will it cost to complete the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme?
Are there any discounts on the fees?
What is the fee for Fast Track Professional?
What do I need in order to start studying?
Can I get tuition for the qualifying programme?
How much does tuition cost?
What can I do if there is no tuition provider in my area?
How long does it take to prepare for an exam?
Do I have to learn the entire study text?
Do I have to remember sections of codes or the correct names of legal cases?
Are we provided with copies of statutes or any other references in the exam?
What study support is available from the Institute?
How do I enter for the exams?
When do the exam sessions take place and when are the entry deadlines?
Where can I sit the exams?
What equipment do I need for the online exam?
How many modules can I take per exam session?
What happens if I enter for an exam and I’m not able to take it?
What information will I receive from the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland after I enter for an exam?
When does The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland release the exam results?
How do I receive my results?
What is the threshold for a pass?
How can I find out more about my exam result?
Will I get reminders and alerts about important dates?
How can I get in touch if I have any questions?
How can I make contact with other students of the Institute?
What happens when I pass my final exam?
Is there a Graduation Ceremony?
How do I become a Chartered Member or Chartered Governance Professional?
What is the Memorandum of Understanding?
What is the registration process under the Memorandum of Understanding scheme?
What modules will I need to complete from the Qualifying Programme under the Memorandum of Understanding scheme?
What is the cost of completing the programme under the MOU scheme?
Can I pay for the Programme in instalments?
Will you be providing study texts as part of the fees?
Where can I find past papers?
Can I study with a tuition provider?
How many hours of study is this qualification?
Can I take all three examinations at one time?
Where is the Examination centre located?
Are there any job opportunities in the UK?
Can the Institute help me with my visa application?
What happens once I have successfully completed all three modules?
What designations can I use once I complete my qualification?
What are the benefits associated with chartered membership?
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