President’s Medal

Established in 2002, the President's medal has been awarded to those part of the Institute who have given a distinguished or meritorious service

The President’s Medal was established in 2002 as a means of rewarding distinguished or meritorious service in connection with the CGIUKI Division of the global Institute. The award lies in the gift of the CGIUKI President on the basis that, during his or her term in office, the President has exposure to many areas of the CGIUKI Division’s activities and the opportunity to meet potential candidates. Struck in sterling silver and gilt, the President’s Medal has been awarded to 21 members within UKRIAT since it was first awarded in 2003 to acknowledge their significant contribution to the profession and the Institute.

The CGIUKI President’s Medal is distinct from the International President’s Medal, which was established in 2016 and first awarded in 2018 to Ben Mathews and the late Richard Sermon. This medal is awarded for distinguished or meritorious service rendered to the global Institute by members, staff and members of the public.

2019 recipient

Elizabeth Henry-Pottinger FCG

Chair of The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland - Jamaica Branch, Elizabeth has served on the branch committee for many years and is a tireless and enthusiastic supporter of the Institute in Jamaica. An experienced company secretary, who has worked for accountancy firm KPMG in Jamaica for 21 years, Elizabeth’s knowledge of company law and corporate governance has been invaluable as the branch has established itself as the home of good governance in Jamaica.

Elizabeth has been a great volunteer, promoting the interests and ideals of the Institute in Jamaica for many years. She has served continuously on the executive committee for at least 20 years and this is her second stint as Chair. Lately she has rejuvenated the branch with real energy and vigour. The award of the President’s Medal is well deserved recognition of her commitment and leadership.

While a personal tribute to Elizabeth, the medal also reflects well on the branch and its members. They have all raised the profile of the Institute in Government circles and in Jamaica in general, as well as within the wider business community.

CGIUKI President’s Medal
YearPrevious recipients
2019 Elizabeth Henry-Pottinger 
2018 Dr Patrick Bitature  
2017 Penny Thomas
Ian Burger
2016 John Thompson
2015 David Kyle
Karen Jolly
2014 Gavin Downs
David Fisher
2013 Alison Dillon Kibirige
2012 Tom Morrison
Soodesh Jowaheer
2011 Not Awarded
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Not Awarded
2008 Alan Theakston
Derek Woodward
2007 David Hawley
2006 Keith Walmsley
2005 Jack Wratten
2004 Jeffrey Greenwell
Sylvia Moys
2003 Joan Bingley
Julia Bradley

UKRIAT President’s Medal 2018

2019 CGIUKI President’s Medal

Presented to Elizabeth Henry-Pottinger FCG

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