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Read the Companies Act 2014 in the Irish Agenda on directorship positions.

How many directorship positions can one individual hold?

Recent governance articles and the number of directorship positions that any one individual can hold.

With the new Companies Act nearly 3 weeks old and in particular the increased focus on Directors Duties, we picked up on some news articles in the past week relating to directorships. The new Act continues the requirement that a director can not hold more than 25 directorships, with certain exceptions.

Here are links to some recent articles from the Irish Times relating to numbers of directorship positions held.

Irish directors on international boards may have to scale back 

Ireland's top-10 directors the people who hold the most positions in live companies 

The Director of Corporate Enforcement has also published 7 revised guidance booklets one of which will specifically be of assistance to directors and their duties.

The Principal Duties and Powers of Company Directors under the Companies Act 

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