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People frequently find themselves called upon to take minutes, with little guidance on how they are expected to produce an accurate record of what took place. Ambiguous agreements, a vague agenda, interruptions and a poor chairperson, are just some of the factors that can make this a daunting task.

This interactive course provides practical guidance on how to overcome most problems faced by minute takers and to achieve accurate minute taking. Delegates learn not only how to overcome the usual problems faced by minute takers, but also develop a toolkit of personal skills which will boost their confidence in writing accurate minutes.

Who is this course for?

Anyone charged with, or about to take responsibility for, taking minutes at meetings.

Course highlights?

  • Why are minutes kept?
  • The role of the minute taker
  • The problems with minute taking
  • Understanding the nature of meetings
  • The skills of effective minute writing
  • Essential communication skills

What will you get out of it?

  • A toolkit of skills which will boost your confidence in the writing and presenting of accurate minutes
  • An understanding of how meetings work, the problems which can occur and how they can be addressed
  • Techniques and tips on effective communication, relationship building and dealing with discord
  • Six months’ free professional subscription of ICSA on attending this course. This gives you opportunities to extend your learning through regular briefings and the knowledge base, benefit from exclusive discounts on further training and publications and extend your network. Discover more.


09:00 Registration & tea/coffee
What are minutes and why are they kept?
  • Primary purpose of minutes
  • The legal requirements
The role of the minute taker
  • How to be proactive as a minute taker?
The problems with minute taking
  • Personal and organisational
Understanding the nature of meetings
  • Developing a minute-taking strategy map
  • Relationship building and understanding the different roles of the participants
11:00 Tea/Coffee
11:15 The skills of effective minute writing
  • What does ‘accurate’ mean?
  • Developing personal skills
  • Visual recording
  • What should the agenda include?
  • Presentation and layout of the agenda
13:00 Lunch
Minute taking in practice
An interactive exercise in minute taking through which all the points from the programme will beapplied, thus creating learning points for personal development.
15:30 Tea/coffee
15:45 Essential communication skills for successful minute taking
  • Listening skills
  • Visual skills
  • How to grow in self-confidence?
  • What if you don’t understand?
  • Dealing with arguments
17.00 Close


Phil Davies

As the Managing Director of TMF Training, he develops and delivers a wide range of management workshops and training programmes.

Together with Rob Robson, Philip has been delivering courses through TMF over a number of years and to a variety of audiences, both nationally and internationally.

Philip’s training style is highly participative and interactive; his delivery is thought provoking and challenging. He continually questions the status quo and encourages others to do the same; to explore to re-examine and to think creatively to see if there is ‘a better way’. In a global competitive environment with intense pressure to deliver results, this is an approach he rigorously defends.

Date: Thursday 12 April 2018