Tilly White-Christmas

Tilly White-Christmas Speaker

Tilly White-Christmas Sustainability Analyst

Asesoria Group

Tilly White-Christmas is a Sustainability Analyst with expertise in stakeholder engagement and ESG research for regulatory reporting. She undertakes stakeholder consultations, conducts materiality assessments, narrative writing for non-financial reporting, and supports organisations with social value initiatives and evaluations.

She has a number of years of experience working with clients across a range of sectors including both listed, large private businesses, and government departments. Projects include a range of stakeholder focused projects including facilitation of stakeholder consultation workshops, community engagement evaluations, and many materiality assessments across different sectors and scales.

Tilly has a proven track record of designing and delivering content rich stakeholder engagement strategies and solutions for both internal and external audiences. Her skills include clear and concise communications, strategic planning, project planning, evaluation and problem solving.

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