Governance Guernsey 2023: Resilience in Governance


Time Session


Student Breakfast and Learn: How to Write a Research Paper?

This session will offer a basic introduction to research methods for business researchers and how to convert an idea into a research paper. This should help both students to complete their research projects as well as other interested professionals to carry on a piece of research for academic journals or even for other relevant newspapers, such as The Conversation UK (a website that provide independent news and views, sourced from the academic community). A range of topics related to research basics will be covered, which will help you to start thinking about your research idea, plan your research, review literature, pick your appropriate methodology, then, analyse your data, present the results, and draw a series of informed conclusions.

Dr Tony Abdoush, Bournemouth University
Simon Le Tocq,
Chief Executive, GTA


Registration and networking


Welcome and Introduction
Grant Wilson, Chair, CGIUKI Guernsey Branch


Opening keynote:

Public v Private sector governance - lessons from political trenches

“Government should be run like a business” - a panacea to public sector ailments? 

This talk will explore governance in the public and private sector, comparing and contrasting key themes including objectives and stakeholders, accountability and transparency, decision-making and regulation. In the context of election cycles where up to 50% of deputies are new, how do we build resilience to ensure continuity? What lessons can be learned to improve governance of both the private and the public sectors?

Sasha draws lessons from her 2+ years as a new deputy in the States of Guernsey and her 15+ years of diverse international corporate experience working for companies ranging in size from early-stage startups to blue-chip tech leaders (Google), boards of trading companies and investment funds.

Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller, States of Guernsey


Unleashing AI and Multimedia to Create Unforgettable Board Packs

In this session, find out how you can revolutionise your board pack by embracing AI, intelligent writing tools, multi-media, and captivating visuals, and by learning from the latest research into what works and what doesn't when it comes to landing your message with impact in the boardroom.

In an era of information overload, we'll share how leading governance teams are embracing all of this to cut through the noise and equip their colleagues with the tools to create short, sharp, next-generation reports that help everyone to see what matters and power smart, fast decision-making. 

Emma Priestley, Chief Marketing Officer, Board Intelligence


Increased professionalism of charities: the good, the bad or the necessary?

New charity laws and greater governance expected in Guernsey are shining the spotlight on the role of trustees and charity boards. Many in the voluntary sector are concerned, some are even closing their charities. So, should we be concerned with what lies ahead? No, is the short answer and governance professionals can play a rewarding role in focussing on the benefits.

Professionalism should not however be about assuming that you should have to treat charities like businesses – however incorporating a more corporate philosophy could greatly benefit charities, especially from lessons learned by governance professionals in business. They are different in many ways, but equally they can both benefit from the lessons of each other.

The most effective charities will come from boards with good governance. Volunteers and donors will have more confidence to support them, and beneficiaries will have more confidence to use their services. A win win scenario for all - let’s explore how to make it happen.

Wayne Bulpitt, Association of Guernsey Charities


Networking tea and coffee break


What Moneyval means to Guernsey 

Chris will cover the role of Moneyval, and what the upcoming Moneyval review means to Guernsey as a financial services jurisdiction.  Chris will focus on what the Island's legislature and the GFSC have been doing in preparation for the Moneyval visit, including enforcement action, and how this compares to other jurisdictions. 

Chris Hutley-Hurst, Partner, Walkers Global


Panel discussion

During this session, expert panellists will expand on the discussion points made by Chris Hutley-Hurst, in the previous presentation. 

Julian Winser,
Chair, GFSC

Joanne Peacegood, Non-Executive Director
Chris Hutley-Hurst, Partner, Walkers Global
Martyn Dorey, Dorey Financial Modelling
Stephen Rouxel, Director and Finance Sector Lead, Guernsey Chamber of Commerce


Key policy issues of the recent past and anticipated near future
Peter Swabey FCG,
Policy & Research Director, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland




Student Prize Awards


The Reality of Inclusion

Resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover from difficulties, but can we do that if we don’t acknowledge reality? In this session, Greg Turner-Smart will reflect on his experiences of inclusion and he’ll talk openly about the difficulties many organisations face in their ED&I programmes. Is honesty the best policy? Who’s actually responsible for ED&I? How do we support the volunteers who inevitably do much for inclusion? Hear from Greg as he shares what’s worked for him.

Greg Turner-Smart, Inclusion Manager, Rolls Royce SMR


Panel discussion

During this session, expert panellists will expand on the discussion points made by Greg Turner-Smart in the previous presentation. 

Phil Eyre,
 Leaders Consultancy, Founder

Wendy Dorey, Non-Executive Director
Greg Turner-Smart, Inclusion Manager, Rolls Royce SMR
Toni de Kooker, Chair, Guernsey Disability Alliance
Alison Rimington Senior HR Business Manager, Law at Work 


Networking tea and coffee break


What is best corporate practice and does this promote resilience?

Developments in corporate governance and sustainability have positively impacted corporate resilience, enhancing companies’ ability to withstand and adapt to various challenges. However, the “weaponisation” of the term “ESG” (environmental, social and governance) and related concepts, especially within a polarised US political context, is threatening to undermine a near consensus of investor support for such developments. In this session, Colin Melvin will reflect on his three decades of experience in corporate governance and stewardship from the investors’ perspective and consider how companies and their owners can best partner in wealth-creation.

Colin Melvin, Founder, Arkadiko Partners


Closing remarks


Thursday 28 September 2023


09.00 - 16.30 BST


St Pierre Park hotel, Guernsey


6 hours

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