Academy governance

How to build an academy trust board assurance framework

Of interest to all involved in the governance of academy trusts

In the health sector, a board assurance framework (BAF) has been used for many years to provide non-executive directors with triangulated information to support management assertions that the organisation is well run. A BAF is a structured approach for ensuring that boards get the right information, which is accurate and relevant, at the right time and with a level of assurance attributed to each data source. A BAF is a single document that pulls together all relevant data relating to an organisation’s strategic goals and the risks it faces. The BAF is more than another tool to measure and manage risks; it should be viewed as a framework by which the board can triangulate the information it receives and be assured of the veracity of data presented.

This guidance will help academy trust boards to build their own BAF and, once in place, to assess whether it continues to be effective. For a BAF to give confidence to the board that it is providing effective strategic leadership and oversight it, like other key board documents, must be regularly reviewed and amended accordingly.

This document includes:

  • Benefits of a BAF
  • What do we want the BAF to do?
  • Identifying sources of assurance
  • BAF implementation

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