Specimen role description for MAT chair of trustees

This ICSA guidance note is aimed at trustees (and directors) of multi-academy trusts (MAT) in England and can be adapted for any size of MAT to reflect good practice for each organisation’s needs.

This document, and others in the series, should provide sufficient detail for trustees and others interested in governance, to think about the governance arrangements within their own MAT, and apply those aspects of good practice that are most appropriate and proportionate.

Within each MAT it is likely that individuals within the trustee body will be appointed to perform additional duties in the position of an ‘honorary officer’ or ‘link’ or ‘lead’ trustees. Such positions tend to be unpaid and should not be confused with the duties performed by paid staff. To ensure that all trustees are clear as to their role and responsibilities it is advisable to have role descriptions for trustees as a whole, and specific ones dealing with these other positions, such as the chair.

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