Specimen strategic agenda for charity boards

Of interest to those involved in charity governance.


Good governance is a critical aspect of a successful charity. Consequently, there is an ongoing interest in improving governance and leadership in the sector in order to ensure that charities achieve the best possible outcomes for their beneficiaries. For many boards it can be challenging to deliver meetings that achieve the right balance between appropriate strategic oversight and challenge and delving too deeply into operational matters. This is one area where decision making could be improved by using more focused strategic agendas. This guidance note seeks to provide a specimen strategic agenda for charity boards to adapt for their own purposes to improve the discussion and decision making of board meetings.

Purpose of this guidance

Governance guidance states that boards are integral to setting the strategic goals of an organisation, within legal and regulatory parameters. It is logical that those ultimately accountable for the success of an organisation are in control of deciding the direction and method of attainment. While the size of the charity will have an impact on the proportion of time which a board spends on strategy compared to operations, in most cases once the strategy is agreed, the board should focus on strategic achievements rather than operational matters.

This document includes:

  • Specimen strategic agenda for a charity board

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